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Global wine analyser with award-winning Danish design

Wine producers around the world use Danish-designed analytical equipment as a cornerstone of wine production. Not only does the equipment ensure reliable control of wine quality, it also boasts an elegant and functional design that has won the Danish Design Prize.

On November 5, the Danish Design Prize was awarded to FOSS for the OenoFoss wine analyser. The award was presented by Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

OenoFoss analyses wine and grape must from a few drops of a sample. One click on the computer screen and two minutes later the wine producer can read the results. The analyser was launched earlier this year and has already been sold in more than 20 countries. It is aimed at small to medium-sized wine producers, providing objective analysis information throughout the winemaking process, from vineyard to bottle.

As well as being easy-to-use, the OenoFoss is handy, portable and robust allowing the instrument to be used in many locations around the winery. Senior Business Manager, Peter Skade said: “The design of the analyser was a key element of the development process and we are proud to receive the award.”

Focus on usability The design has been developed by the FOSS design team in close collaboration with designer Kåre Tofte. “Everyone has been aware of the need to make the instrument as easy to use as possible,” said Skade. “Anyone in the winery can use it and the wine producer can save time and money compared to sending samples to an external laboratory. Most importantly, the wine producer can react more quickly when required, for instance, if problems occur during fermentation.”

The development of OenoFoss fits with the growing demand for quality control of wine. “Consumers expect a high and consistent quality regardless of the vintage and are disappointed if it tastes differently from the last bottle they drank. We had already developed solutions aimed larger producers and wine laboratories, but there was also a need to make fast and reliable wine analysis available to small to mid-size producers,” said Peter Skade.

The award Among the reasons justifying the award, the jury stated: “OenoFoss is an innovative solution that opens up for new possibilities and markets for the wine industry. The design inspires confidence both on the outside and on the inside. It is elegant from all angles and executed with consistency. A successful quality product.” The award is presented every second year. All prize winners will exhibit at the Danish Design Centre from the 6th of November till 5th of January 2009.

About FOSS in the wine industry FOSS wine analysis instruments were introduced to the wine industry in 1998 and FOSS has quickly become a leading force in quality control of wine at all stages of production. OenoFoss was launched at the beginning of 2008 as a little brother to existing wine analysis solutions designed for larger wine producers and wine laboratories.

OenoFoss meets a growing demand from small to mid-size wine producers for rapid and easy-to-obtain information in support of decisions such as when to pick grapes, how to control fermentation or when to bottle.

Traditional analysis involves various items of analysis equipment and takes time, for instance, it can take around 20 minutes to measure a single quality parameter. In contrast, Oenofoss gives winemakers key information quickly. It measures main quality parameters of grape must, must under fermentation and wine within two minutes from a single drop of a single sample. Up to seven parameters are measured: sugar, pH, total acid, glucose/fructose, malic acid, ethanol, volatile acid and colour. The results are displayed on a computer screen.

For more information about OenoFoss, including comments on the concept from professionals working in the wine industry can be found at www.foss.dk/oenofoss.

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