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Waterfind launches new water trading system

National water brokers Waterfind, has launched a new live water trading system for the Australian water market. The new Order System allows water to be bought or sold instantly and has been designed to remove the time and price uncertainty for irrigators securing a water trade.

The Order System enables water buyers and sellers to search for water orders which meet their price, location and volume requirements and then secure that trade immediately.

It provides rural enterprises and private irrigators with a high-value trading product, which helps offset the impacts of the drought.

“Through the Waterfind order system, trades can now be executed much faster and with greater efficiency. Irrigators no longer have to wait for offers to be accepted or for pooled prices to be calculated” says Waterfind CEO, Tom Rooney.

Buyers and sellers also have the ability to place a buy or sell order at their set price to the entire water market. Order parameters include price, volume, preferred trading regions, order start and end date, all of which can be edited at anytime.

As part of the launch, Waterfind is inviting irrigators to complete a temporary water order form to indicate their interest in buying or selling water this season.

Mr. Rooney says “the system was developed in response to client feedback, which indicated the need for a more robust mechanism to support instantaneous water trading. We are confident that irrigators will find the Order System the most efficient water trading tool available.”

For more information about the new Order System, or to obtain a copy of the water order form, contact Waterfind on 1800 890 285 or visit www.waterfind.com.au.

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