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G&W October issue – now out!

In the newly released October issue of the Grapegrower & Winemaker the first of a number of drought case studies has been published, beginning this issue with Anthony Scholz in the Barossa.

During the past few months, the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation have been rolling out its information program for Murray-Darling Basin grapegrowers, Water and Vine — Managing The Challenge.

Winetitles, publisher of Grapegrower & Winemaker, also played a part in assisting the GWRDC with its workshop program. Our journalists visited the regions to conduct interviews with growers to bring a series of practical case studies to the workshops. From the Riverland to Rutherglen, we’ve heard of growers doing their utmost to collect and conserve every drop of water they can. We’ve seen dam covers and liners, a plethora of soil moisture monitoring technology, mulch, covercrops, tanks and pumps. We’ve heard tips and tricks that save money as well as water, such as irrigating only at night when evaporation is less and power is cheaper, and timing irrigations with rainfall events for maximum water penetration.

At the other end of the water spectrum, the Hunter Valley was inundated during 2007–08 with rainfall, including one event where in excess of 300mm fell over the June long weekend in 2007. We have some amazing photographs in this issue of access roads being washed away, vineyards under water and debris strung through trellis. Again in true resilient fashion, the Hunter came through with growers and winemakers working together to overcome the challenges.

Also in this issue we look at generating greater profitability through wine clubs, exploring the best options of purchasing harvesters, and have also convened a panel of Australian technology suppliers to tell us what wineries need to know about technology solutions that fast-track sales, record-keeping, compliance and customer service.

Don’t miss all these stories, and so much more in our October issue.

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