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Wine and grape research to receive US$2m

Thanks in large to the efforts of the American Vineyard Foundation (AVF) and other public and private sector funding sources, more than US$2m is headed for projects ranging from sustainable control of vine mealybug to metabolic profiling of grape and wine aromas, plus 56 other research projects.

A total of 119 research proposals were reviewed by the AVF technical panels along with panels from other groups such as the USDA’s Viticulture Consotium, the California Competitive Grant Program for Research in Viticulture and Enology, the California Table Grape Commission, the California Raisin Marketing Board and the California Rootstock Improvement Commission. After a careful review of all the proposals, research grants totaling a little over US$2m – of which US$1,076,083 came directly from the AVF – were funded.

Source: America’s Wine Business Monthly, August 2008

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