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GDot to help small growers save water, time and money

An affordable and easy to use soil moisture measurement device will help small growers and irrigators save water, time and money.

The GDot, developed by MEA, a South Australian based company, which invented the successful GBug range of soil moisture loggers, provides irrigators with a simple device that works without extra gadgets, computers or software.

The device can be read at a glance, viewed from more than 15 metres away at varying angles and works within the growing range of most horticultural crops and soils.

Run on a pair of AA batteries, the GDot never needs to be adjusted or serviced and can be installed in minutes. The batteries will last for more than three years.

The GDot consists of a series of brightly coloured ‘dots’ that appear or disappear to reflect soil moisture levels. The system uses the industry standard Watermark granular matrix sensor and translates soil moisture into a simple reading.

According to MEA founder and engineering director, Mr Andrew Skinner, the GDot’s simplicity is its main strength as it can be installed and monitored by even the most junior farm hand.

“Many growers, particularly small landholders, either cannot afford or don’t need a sophisticated and expensive computerised system. The market has been demanding a simple solution for some time.”

“Increasing pressure on growers to be water efficient and keep costs to a minimum makes the GDot a timely solution.”

The GDot is designed to be attached to a fence post or hung from a wire, while the Watermark sensor is easily buried in the ground.

Designed as a streamlined unit, the GDot is housed in tough scratch-resistant and UV stable polycarbonate.

The Watermark sensor cable is fitted with a robust connector that plugs firmly into the GDot display and is easily unplugged for sensor changeover.

A bright red base ensures the device won’t disappear into the green background of crop foliage.

The GDot retails from $330 and is available through MEA’s network of resellers.

For more information, visit www.mea.com.au

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