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Cpak launched to enhance your brand

A new company Cpak has been launched this month to work with the wine industry to supply high quality packaging solutions at very affordable prices.

In addition to his successful oak supply business Classic Oak Products, Peter Dunlop has today announced another venture; Cpak.

“After 30 years in the packaging industry I have realised that innovation, point of difference, quality and great value are all tools that businesses can employ to truly develop sales opportunity and brand loyalty for their products,” Peter Dunlop said.

“These benefits are now available from new quality production facilities internationally, at very affordable prices,” he continued.

Cpak, with extensive investment, have developed new glass bottle designs for the wine industry, addressing real needs for affordable quality glass that will enhance your product.

“We have the ability and design expertise to create proprietary bottles exclusively for our customers,” commented Peter.

Specialty high quality carton design, print quality and production are also a core part of Cpak’s business.

“I have formed some very strong alliances with specially selected manufacturers internationally to ensure that our core business values and product offerings are of the highest quality and very affordable. I have spent nearly a year researching and developing these design and production capabilities to bring them to our Australian customers,” Peter announced at the launch.

For all bottle and board requirements; cartons, point of sale packaging and merchandising, Cpak has solutions with fresh innovative design and construction approaches.

Cpak’s entry in to the packaging solution market offers real choice, backed by real and extensive global packaging experience.

For more information contact:

Peter Dunlop Cpak Pty Ltd T: 02 9986 2277 M: 0418 467263 E: ">i

Cpak Pty Ltd Suite 13, 4 Narabang Way, Belrose, NSW, 2085, Australia

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