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'Climate change' and 'global warming' are terms that have become part of the wine industry's vernacular over recent years, and in the latest issue of the Wine Industry Journal, Western Australia's Happs and Three Hills owner Erl Happ challenges these theories in this issue's opinion column.

Happ said that if the 'greenhouse theory' were correct, "warming would be seen in all places in all seasons". Erl argues that El Ni–o is of more significance to the theories surrounding the world's changing climate.

Managing the winery's carbon footprint is on the minds of many winery managers in Australia and New Zealand, and this issue's refrigeration feature is all about maximising efficiency, while minimising energy use. Chris Colby and Vince O'Brien believe most of the wine industry doesn't have an accurate idea of the energy use of specific winery equipment, such as refrigeration, and the industry is in for a shock when the Government's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme arrives around 2010. They describe it as "the proverbial train coming down the track…"

Globetrotter Richard Smart gives an account of the current state of the Chinese wine industry, and compares its progress with that of the Spanish and Australian wine industries. In his discussion, Richard aims to decipher what really constitutes New World versus Old World winemaking.

We continue with our presentation of Tony Keys' discoveries from his tour of Queensland and northern New South Wales earlier this year. Over a three-part article, Tony looks at the future of the New England Australia region, reports on the outcomes of the tasting of Queensland and northern New South Wales Verdelho and Merlot, and reports on the Queensland College of Wine Tourism.

The Wine Industry Journal maintains an interest in emerging varieties in Australian and New Zealand vineyards, and this issue is no exception, looking at two native Italian varieties. Adelaide Hills grower and winemaker Andrew Parish, of Parish Hill Wines, writes this issue's 'New Varieties, New Opportunities' column, looking at Negro Amaro, grown in the south-eastern region of Puglia. This issue's Varietal Report looks at Arneis, traditionally grown in Piedmont's Roeri hills. One of Australia's earliest admirers of Arneis, Colin Mitchell of Yandoit Hill Vineyard in Victoria, introduces the feature, sharing his experience and giving a history of the variety. Several other winemakers also contribute to the Varietal Report, telling of how they're prepared to grapple with Arneis in the vineyard to produce a worthwhile alternative white wine to loyal customers and the on-premise trade. The Wine Industry Journal's tasting of Arneis wines showed the variety has great potential in the domestic market and would be an interesting wine to watch over coming vintages.

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