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Grapegrower & Winemaker August issue now out

In the just-released August issue of Grapegrower & Winemaker, we report on the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia and Deloitte’s ninth annual financial benchmarking report. Stephen Harvey, Partner, Assurance & Advisory of Deloitte, noted one of the most significant things he’s noticed in the last five years of the survey, is that the gap between the good performers and the lesser performers is becoming greater. In our report on the survey results, Harvey said those businesses that have concentrated on the quality of their product and focused on distribution channels have clearly improved.

Indeed, there is much of interest in this issue for ‘bean counters’ and for all business minded growers and winemakers! Along with the WFA/Deloitte survey, there’s a wealth of information in Jim Moularadellis’ 2008 post-vintage bulk wine review. Growers will be interested in Jim’s theme of ‘turning water into wine’. Jim, from Austwine, suggests that wineries may well have paid too much for fruit in 2008, anticipating a low-yielding vintage. He says winery bulk wine inventories are higher than preferred following the 2008 crop and “the great demand for grapes that existed 12 months ago has largely disappeared”. He says wineries are already clearly signalling to growers not to use precious water resources for Chardonnay, and that in the absence of pricing information for the 2009 vintage, growers will carry additional risk when deciding whether to purchase sufficient water to keep their vines alive.

Moving away from the financial for a moment, growers will be pleased with some of the very practical tips from American spray expert, Andrew Landers, covered in our Spraying feature. Andrew is visiting Australian wine regions in the spring for series of workshops and seminars, with funding assistance from the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation. His expertise is in adapting existing vineyard machinery to function more efficiently.

Also, one of our global competitors is currently racing up the charts and really kicking goals in international markets, not to mention, increasing its share of imports in Australia. Spain is selling itself with its sexy, passionate and tempestuous image and judging by Jeni Port’s column in Australian Wine Business, consumers are lapping up the Spanish story.

Finally, a plug for the last month of our subscription competition. For several issues now, readers have been telling us about the single item they rate as the greatest invention or innovation to impact the Australian wine industry in the 45 years since Grapegrower & Winemaker was first published in 1963. The competition closes this month and we’ll announce the winner. There’s a fabulous prize of a set of Lixion shears from Pellenc Australia for the answer judged best. Check our website www.winebiz.com.au for more details.

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