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International exhibition in Shanghai draws worldwide interest

For the first time an all-international wine exhibition will take place in China. In the booming city of Shanghai from 25–27 June 2009.

TopWine China 2009 rides on the current trend of fast growing wine consumption in China but at the same time focuses on the top segment of the market.

The consumption of grape wine is forecasted to increase 70% in the next 3 years. Meaning that the estimated yearly wine consumption in China will reach litres by 2011. By that time China will become the eight largest consumption country of grape wine across the world!

Suppliers of premium wines from France, USA, Germany, Australia, Italy, Austria, Romania, Spain, South Africa, Argentine, and Chile have already expressed their interest in this upcoming exhibition. Obviously TopWine China 2009 in Shanghai is a serious and lucrative port of entry into the Chinese wine business and catering system.

By now it is well known that doing business from a distant office will not yield expected results. For doing serious business in China, you have to be there. Preferably in Shanghai, which is the most advanced and westernized city in China. The city will also home the 2010 World Trade Fair. It has the highest average income per capita. Most new millionaires live here which adds to the fact that Shanghai hosts a lot of money spending power. All the well-to-do and career making Chinese entrepreneurs are looking for the extraordinary to show their success to their peer-groups. Famous wines and well-known chateaux fit in very well in this respect. So it is the reputation and the expressive value of a wine brand plus the corresponding high price per bottle that makes the difference.

This exhibition has the backing and full support of all relevant Chinese organisations and government agencies. China National Enterprises Association for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, a department of the important Ministry of Commerce is one of the main organisers. While the exhibition is further endorsed by relevant organisations as The China Light Industry Association, The China Hotel Association, The Shanghai Alcohol Circulation Trade Association, The Wine Monopoly Bureau of Shanghai Municipality, The China Tourist Hotels Association, The China Alcohol Industry Association and the Shanghai Brewing Association.

The modern INTEX Exhibition Centre with its 12.000 m3 exhibition space will be the staging area for TopWine China 2009, located right in the heart of Shanghai Hongqiao. TopWine China 2009 presents new and highly promising business opportunities for famous winegrowers and wine merchants from all over the world.

The other two main organisers, Industrial Promotions international (I.P.I.), the Netherlands, together with Beijing Partnerworld International Exhibition Co., are responsible for the day to day organisation of TopWine China 2009.

For more information visit www.topwinechina.com

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