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Morris Wines brings home gold

Morris Wines of Rutherglen has achieved unparalleled international success taking home a gold medal for the seventh consecutive year, this time with their Morris Cellar Reserve Muscat at the recent Muscats du Monde® international wine competition. It is the only Australian to have been placed in the Top Ten Best Muscats du Monde® 2008.

Over the course of two days, between 17 and 18 of July 2008, more than 197 Muscats from around the world were judged by an international panel of experts and winemakers. Muscats du Monde® is recognised as the top competition for Muscat wines, based on strict criteria of diversity, quality and high standards.

The Morris Cellar Reserve Muscat is made from an average age of 15 year old wines, and contains wines in excess of 50 years old. The blend of wines spans three generations of Morris family winemakers, something fifth generation winemaker David Morris modestly states is perhaps the utmost satisfaction in making the wine.

“One of the great things about making a wine like the Cellar Reserve Muscat is the awareness of the legacy of previous generations – I’m proud of the family tradition, upholding it and using some of the older generation’s wines judiciously with my own to make the wonderful finished product” he said.

Morris is typically humble about the Cellar Reserve Muscat, claiming that it is a team effort over generations that give the wine its complex depth of flavour, rich Muscat nuances and fresh, fruit characters.

“The Cellar Reserve is a cross section of only excellent vintages of Muscat wines – the wine is a stand out for its combination of freshness from pristine younger wines and complexity from our incredible old material,” said David.

The Muscat du Monde® accolade has extra resonance for Morris as it is judged by other winemakers “on the other side of the world to Rutherglen”.

“It’s the greatest recognition to be judged well by other winemakers, and this award was one we had hoped we would do well in – it’s very pleasing to see the Cellar Reserve stacking up on the world stage,” David said.

The award comes at a time of high praise for Morris Wines of Rutherglen. James Halliday has awarded 5 stars to the winery and 97 points to two of the Morris Wines fortifieds — Old Premium Liqueur Tokay NV, Old Premium Liqueur Muscat NV.

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