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REPORT: Australian wine sector contributes $40.2 billion to national economy

New independent economic research commissioned by Wine Australia has found the Australian wine industry contributes $40.2 billion to the national economy.

The Australian wine sector, defined as wine grape growing, winemaking and wine-related tourism in the report also supports 172,736 full and part-time jobs, most of which are located in regional Australia.

Andreas Clark, Wine Australia CEO, welcomed the clear evidence of the wine sector’s contribution to the Australian economy.

‘Wine is a unique, high-quality product created in Australia’s 65 wine regions by highly skilled winegrape growers and winemakers,” he said. “The wine sector brings together agriculture, sophisticated production and tourism.

“It is pleasing to see that wine-related tourism accounts for 15.8 million domestic visitor nights and 44.2 million international visitor nights. An integral part of Australia’s tourist offering, wine-related tourism contributes $9.2 billion to the economy.”

The report, ‘Economic Contribution of the Australian Wine Sector’ by AgEconPlus and Gillespie Economics, shows direct employment in the wine sector of 68,395 full- and part-time jobs and a further 104,341 indirect full- and part-time jobs with income from both direct and flow-on employment in the wine sector at $10.4 billion.

The report also includes the average effects of a contraction or expansion within the wine sector, suggesting the wider economy would gain an extra 1.53 jobs for every job gained in the wine sector while the economy would gain an extra $2.01 million for every additional $1 million of gross output generated by the wine sector.


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