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Lightweight, consistent and efficient filter aid

Since its inception in 1959, Exfoliators has been a 100% Australian-family owned and operated business. Exfoliators is proud to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium perlites and vermiculites as well as passive fire protection material to the horticulture, protected cropping, construction, industrial and other specialised industries.

The company is known to wine grape nurseries because its premium vermiculite is by far the most widely used media in the vine propagation in Australia. The lightweight, sterile, inert, temperature-stable environment ensures the best possible strike-callusing rates and has replaced sand and saw dust which were previously used.

This year Exfoliators has launched into the winemaking side of the industry with a new filtration product, FilterLite premium perlite filter aid, which is lightweight, consistent and efficient.

Exfoliators FilterLite was developed in response to the increase in demand from distribution partner, Enoltech (led by Roy Hosking and David Wardlaw) who were looking for a genuine alternative, high quality, Australian based manufacturer of perlite filter aid. After some extensive research, Exfoliators took on a multi-million dollar investment in new plant and laboratory – to provide a world class perlite filter aid, manufactured in Australia for local wineries.

Exfoliators have gone to great lengths to source the most advanced production technology and select the highest quality raw material available.

“The plant is highly efficient and produces zero waste,” said Graeme Raper, Exfoliators CEO. “Everything from what the customer doesn’t see, such as lower energy usage against typical technology, to what they do see, in a tight and consistent product specification, this all aligns with our core values and direction.”

The plant and laboratory is not all that contributes to Exfoliators push for providing the highest quality product. “Perlites are not perlites, for instance, you can have two sources from Turkey, almost next door to one another, but both can be completely different – particularly in the end product produced, one is excellent for Filter Aid, the other more appropriate for a construction or horticulture application,” said Graeme.

He explains how this relates to the perlite filter aid and their FilterLite product, “FilterLite has been produced with a carefully selected ore that allows it to be lighter weight and more permeable, when we couple this with our new high tech plant – we know we are a genuine alternative and look to exceed customer needs”.

Establishing themselves in the market must be tough, but as Louis Raper, who is second generation and part of the sales and marketing team explains, they have kicked things off on the right foot.

“As part of our establishment, we wanted to understand the product and the user more, along with growing our ties with Enoltech – who have been a dream to work with and they have an exceptional knowledge base,” said Louis.

To get things underway, they dipped their toes in the water in partnership with Enoltech.

“We completed commercial work last vintage and achieved great results with some reputable Griffith and Riverland wineries, this was done using product produced with the same spec. equipment and the same raw material source- both key factors.”

As Louis explains, it was a great theory, “one winery passed comment that it began right when they pulled the curtain back on the B-Double, product presentation was not only high but OH&S positive, this was due to us specifying a bulk bag not previously used by the industry which maximises pallet utilisation and is more stable in storage. Once in operation they realised the lighter and more consistent product, but also achieved greater through-put, while achieving lower NTUs.”

Exfoliators are triple certified in; IS09001, IS014001 & ASNZ4801, while it is also the only producer of its field accredited to Australian Organic Facility Standards with products also conforming to FSANZ specific to perlite filter aids.

“Exfoliators are excited to launch FilterLite – a premium perlite filter aid, which is lightweight, consistent and efficient. We look forward to some fantastic long-term relationships in conjunction with Enoltech and the Australian Wine Industry, we wish everyone well and for a successful vintage ahead,” said Graeme.

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