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Breakout the Champers – American barbecue changes British wine

Listings of US wine on UK wine lists have doubled in the last year. This according to Wine On-Premise UK 2015, which has just been released.

With Texas barbecue and Southern food being the biggest trend in food globally, the US has never had more wine listings in the UK. And it’s not just popular brands that are benefiting. There has never been more high-end Napa Cabernet, Oregon Pinot and Washington Riesling on wine lists than there is today.

Consequently, last year’s most fashionable wine producing countries – Argentina and Spain – are both down by about a quarter of the listings they had last year.

Listings of English wine, led by sparkling, have increase by 27% in the last year. English wines now have more listings than either German or Austrian wine.

Perhaps the biggest story, however, is the bounce back of Champagne up 15% on last year. Prices listed are up by 15% as well.

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