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Aus wine industry members to feature in Belgian documentary

A Belgian production house, Woestijnvis (www.woestijnvis.be), is calling out to Australia winemakers and grapegrowers to feature in a documentary to appear on Belgian's national television.

The concept of the documentary (for now: Birthday Twins Project) is as follows: “What would my life have been like, if I wasn’t born in Belgium but in another part of the world?” To be able to answer this question, Woestijnvis have selected about 20 Belgian participants for its project. For those Belgians, they are looking for people worldwide who were born on the exact same day and who have the same gender (called “birthday twins”). Eventually, Woestijnvis would like to visit the twins abroad and introduce them to their Belgian counterpart. Together they can discover to what extent their surroundings, habits, culture… have been of influence on their life; what the resemblances or differences are.

Woestijnvis would like to immerse the Belgian person in the daily life of his/her foreign twin and film that experience during a couple of days. For each selected Belgian, they intend to find three suitable twins. Finally, this will result in filmed parallel portraits showing the Belgian person visiting three twins in their native countries.

By the end of June 2008, the first Belgian man will have travelled to Estonia, Chile and Namibia to meet his three respective birthday twins. In the meantime, Woestijnvis will keep on looking for Birthday Twins in other attractive countries. Woestijnvis are very keen on finding twins in Australia as well, and are looking for people who represent a fascinating feature of the country. Therefore, it would be exceptionally interesting if they could find an Australian winemaker or grapegrower born on one of the dates listed. An episode of a farmer next to a Belgian person of the exact same age would be quite fascinating – it could offer the perfect décor and an insight in Australian culture from a unique point of view.

The Belgian men and women who have selected are born on these dates: Men 29 April 1933 18 July 1948 19 July 1948 25 September 1949 11 February 1952 18 January 1956 5 May 1956 30 December 1960 24 July 1962 14 January 1965 27 January 1965 5 February 1969 1 December 1971 3 May 1981

Women 5 April 1943 2 May 1950 20 July 1963 24 March 1964 26 March 1975 27 December 1979 24 July 1982

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