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Hardys – the most powerful Australian wine brand

Hardys has again been announced the world’s most powerful Australian wine brand in an annual study of the world’s top wine and spirits brands.

UK based brand valuation consultancy, Intangible Business, researched almost 10,000 wine and spirit brands across the globe to produce the 2008 Power 100 list, now in its third year.

One of Australia’s icons, Hardys has a rich heritage spanning more than 150 years and six generations of continuous tradition, experience and innovation.

Hardys has amassed in excess of 2700 awards across its regional wine portfolio and is enjoyed in more than 70 countries around the world.

Hardys was also announced as one of the biggest movers over the year, increasing its total score by 2%, with Intangible Business commenting that:

“…Hardys has had another successful year climbing into the top 20 and now looks poised to become the most powerful wine brand in 2009. Hardys has continued to enhance its image…”

Hardys Winemaker, Paul Lapsley, said that the result was testament to more than a century of winemaking innovation and progress as well as commitment and determination to promoting Hardys on the world stage.

‘We are very proud of the achievements of our Hardys wines and pay tribute to those involved in its success over the past 155 years leading to this accolade.’

Hardys Ambassador and fifth generation family member, Bill Hardy, said that he was thrilled with the result.

‘My great great grandfather, Thomas Hardy, started Hardys with a vision to create wines that would be prized around the world’, he said.

‘Being named the world’s most powerful Australian wine brand demonstrates how successfully this vision has been realised.’

The Power 100 list is based on the following measures:

Share of market — volume based measure of market share

Brand growth — projected growth based on 10 years historical data and future trends

Price positioning — a measure of a brand’s ability to command a premium

Market scope — number of markets in which the brand has a significant presence

Brand awareness — a combination of prompted and spontaneous awareness

Brand relevancy — capacity to relate to the brand and a propensity to purchase

Brand heritage — a brand’s longevity and a measure of how it is embedded in local culture

Brand perception — loyalty and how close a strong brand image is to a desire for ownership

The Hardys range of wines includes the acclaimed Thomas Hardy Cabernet and Eileen Hardy Shiraz and Chardonnay, as well as the South Australian regional range of Oomoo wines, Nottage Hill and R&R.

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