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the company of wine people wins Supply Chain Partner of the Year award

The company of wine people has won the JF Hillebrand Supply Chain Partner of the Year Award for 2008. This prestigious accolade was awarded to the company of wine people because of their positive, but critical involvement in the further development of the program. the company of wine peopleTM have been a pioneer in JF Hillebrand’s Supply Chain Management program since its launch in 2002.

Currently the company of wine peopleTM are involved in the program with five retailing importers in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and shipped in 2007 almost 250 000 9-litre equivalent cases through the program. They have recognised the value of the Supply Chain Management program and used it to optimise their internal operation to satisfy customer demand. In 2007, the company of wine peopleTM showed great improvement in the reliability of their operation which resulted in 100% in-time shipments in the second half of 2007.

Buks van Rooyen, Supply Chain Manager for the company of wine peopleTM, said: “We would like to thank JF Hillebrand for pioneering the award in wine supply chain, which covers a broad spectrum involving all possible stake holders in all countries where the program is active, whether a service provider, a wine buying retailer or a supplier. The program certainly has positively exposed us to a better understanding of the international supply chain of wine and the requirements of our clients.”

Rob Turvey, Managing Director of JF Hillebrand Supply Chain Management, said: “the company of wine peopleTM has consistently shown great commitment and flexibility in resolving challenges.”

The prize cheque of R18 000 will be used to further enhance and develop two grassroots farm community projects run by Thandi Wines’ business unit.

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