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After another challenging vintage, the Wine Industry Journal offers readers useful information to help alleviate some of the problems encountered, including grape processing bottlenecks at wineries and stuck ferments due to high Baumés.

As members of South Australian wine regions and others around the country suffered through the 15-day heatwave in March this year, grapes were ripening too quickly or had to remain on the vine because of limited tank availability. Wine Network’s Rachel Gore explores the problem of stuck ferments and in our crushing and pressing special, researchers Vince O’Brien, Chris Colby and Mark Gishen look at ways wineries could improve grape intake efficiency and flexibility, and prevent matter other than grapes in the harvest load.

Our extensive business coverage begins with updates from the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia and the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation about the progress of their latest initiatives, including the proposed industry services body and the uptake of the Wine Australia collaborative marketing activity. The Wine Industry Journal attended the Adelaide workshop in the 2007–08 WineSkills series in mid May and presents a detailed report on the event’s major take-home messages.

Business columnist Jonathan Scott reports on the Swedish wine market and the Systembolaget and highlights its importance to Australian wine exports. Industry commentator Tony Keys recently spent time with several of Queensland’s wine producers to discover where the State is heading in terms of branding and tourism.

In the last issue, Valmai Hankel presented a history of the life of the late Joseph Gilbert, one of the Barossa Valley’s renowned grape and wine pioneers. In this issue, we are proud to present Part Two of Valmai’s report, discussing the working life of Joseph’s great, great grandson, winemaker Simon Gilbert and great, great, great grandson, Mark Gilbert, operations manager and senior viticulturist of Davidson Viticulture based in Langhorne Creek.

Sherry is a wine style that has many wine consumers turning up their nose, however, there is a niche group of enthusiasts who are discovering that well-made Sherry is a wonderful accompaniment to any course of a meal. Scott Wasley, director of Melbourne-based Spanish beverage importer, The Spanish Acquisition, introduces our report and suggests Sherry is on the comeback trail after being in free-fall since the 1970s. The tasting of Spanish and Australian-made Sherries highlights some of the unique characters to be enjoyed from the various styles on offer.

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