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Wine Industry Outlook Conference examines how to create the competitive advantage

The 2005 Wine Industry Outlook Conference being held in Adelaide on 24 November 2005 will put Australia’s product offering under the microscope to determine just how competitive the Australian wine industry is across each price point in international markets.

Chief Executive of the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia Stephen Strachan said the Australian wine industry needed to build on its considerable strengths, but also focus on its weaknesses.

“We are at a stage where we need to determine how Australia can expand its offering to capitalise on its broad consumer appeal and also offer opportunities for consumers to confidently trade up to super premium, ultra premium and icon wines.

“We have developed a program for Outlook 2005 that will focus on our long term market challenges and will look at the critical supply and demand issues that we need to overcome to achieve success.”

Outlook 2005 Creating the Competitive Advantage will look at what Australia’s competitive advantages are in international and domestic wine markets and what strategies need to be put in place for a secure wine future.

• Arend Heijbroek, Senior Beverage Analyst, Rabobank, Netherlands will provide a comprehensive insight into the macro-economic drivers of change in the international wine industry – health, global economic shifts in wealth and the Asian boom. Does Australia still have a competitive advantage or have our competitors caught up?

• Lawrie Stanford, Manager Information and Analysis, AWBC will provide the supply-demand numbers, which underpin any worthwhile analysis of Australia’s future prospects.

• Stephen Strachan, Chief Executive Officer, Winemakers’ Federation will provide a reality check for the Australian wine industry for the next decade, debating whether the industry is prepared for the social and political challenges which could threaten the sector’s next stage of growth — are we ready for the environmental lobbyists and the alcohol campaigners?

• Penny Boothman, The Drink’s Business, UK will consider how Australian wine can re-enthuse the UK marketplace and challenge palates to find excitement at every price point.

• Brian Croser, Petaluma Wines will discuss the need for Australia’s premium wine producers to aspire higher, aim for greatness and make the most distinguished, complex and sought after wines on earth.

Issues of accessibility and quality will also be addressed and a panel session at the conclusion of the conference will examine what steps must be taken to move forward.

Since its inception in 1994 the Wine Industry Outlook Conference has not only provided an invaluable update on industry supply and demand trends but has changed the way the industry thinks as it looks to the future.

For program details or to register and receive Outlook Conference updates go to www.winetitles.com.au/outlook.

For Further Information: Sheralee Davies Winemakers’ Federation of Australia Phone: 08 8222 9255 / 0407 004 959

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