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Ground-breaking anchoring makes trellising replacement eight times faster

An innovative anchoring solution has 'come to the rescue' of workers in one of Europe's largest vineyards, reducing their workload by up to eight times when replacing thousands of rows of vineyards.

The revolutionary new product was launched last year by Gripple Limited, the company based in Sheffield, England. Combining a Fenox anchor, produced in France, with the versatile Gripple Plus Anchor Kit (GPAK), the system is seeing its first major use along the 400 metre rows of vines in the 2200 hectare Plantaže vineyard in Montenegro, where 100 hectares of trellising is replaced annually.

For five years, Montenegro's largest vineyard has used Gripple wire joiners to join and tension their trellis. Working in particularly stony ground, anchoring required holes to be dug and filled with concrete into which hooks were inserted. Wires were then attached to the hooks and secured to end-posts. Gripple's latest solution means that a day's work using the traditional method can now be done in just one hour!

Gripple's new and comprehensive anchoring solution involves the pointed end of the Fenox Anchor being hammered into the ground, rooting tendril-like rods firmly into the stoniest terrain. The Gripple Plus Anchor Kit's galvanised wire rope is then fed through the anchor, looped around the end-posts and secured by a new and improved Gripple Plus wire joiner and tensioner. The complete kit provides efficient, strong and stable anchoring and allows year-on-year re-tensioning.

While training Plantaže workers to install the anchors, Eric Laroche, Gripple's agricultural regional manager, attracted the attention of the local television station, which filmed and interviewed him about the time-saving new system.

Plantaže are to install more than 5000 GPAKs and 5000 Fenox anchors, standardising the process still further with another Gripple innovation, the new Torq Tensioning Tool which, with minimum effort, provides consistent tension via a settable tension gauge.

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