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New boss for Philom Bios Australia

Innovative Australian ag-biologicals company Philom Bios Australia (PBA) will see a leadership change with Rob Velthuis replacing Sanford Gleddie as the general manager.

PBA is a marketing and development company dedicated to serving the needs of Australian farmers by delivering high value ag-biologicals and is jointly owned by the Grains Research and Development Corporation and Philom Bios Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Novozymes Biologicals.

PBA Chairman Vince Logan said that Gleddie has successfully completed his secondment to Australia and will return to North America in July and will lead Novozymes Biologicals’ International BioAg business.

“The PBA Board sincerely thanks Gleddie for his outstanding contribution and leadership through the start-up of the joint venture,” Logan said.

“Sanford will be replaced in Australia by Rob Velthuis who most recently was leading his own agricultural consultancy in Australia. Rob has over 25 years of experience working in chemical and fertilizer industries including positions with Incitec Pivot and Dupont and five years with the Victorian Institute for Dryland Agriculture as a research agronomist.

“We are delighted to see Rob join PBA and are excited about the prospects for growth and development of the joint venture under his leadership.

“PBA develops and brings to market a range of emerging ag-biological technologies from our research partners, including the Australian National University, CSIRO, Flinders University and SARDI and Novozymes Biologicals.

“Nitrogen inoculants deliver better nutrition than nitrogen fertilizers for most pulse crops by synchronizing nitrogen fixation to plant growth, supplying nitrogen to the plant in the quantities that it needs when it needs it.

“PBA is currently testing a range of new ag-biological technologies in extensive Australia-wide field research trials. Projects include new nitrogen inoculant formulations for legume crops, phosphate-solubilizing inoculants to make better use of phosphate fertilizer and biocontrol treatments to control a range of root and crown diseases such as Rhizoctonia, Crown Rot and Pythium.

“We believe the emerging input category of new field-proven ag-biologicals has tremendous potential to increase crop yields and productivity for Australian farmers. We look forward to meeting the current and future needs of Australian farmers with innovative new ag-biological products,” Logan said.

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