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Latest issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal out now

Winter in the Southern Hemisphere has officially arrived and so too has the May-June issue of Australia’s Wine & Viticulture Journal.

Richard Smart authored one of the most controversial articles in the last issue of the Journal when he suggested Australia should look to New Zealand for some guidance on the future success of its wine industry. Smart’s written another contentious article in the May-June issue regarding the Australian Grapevine Propagation Material Standard which he feels fails to adequately address the spread of grapevine trunk diseases. We invited parties with a particular interest in the vine planting industry and trunk diseases in Australia to respond to his concerns which can also be found in the same issue.

The theme of the May-June Wine & Viticulture Journal is ‘Vineyard Innovations & Technology’ which centres around an article on a project under way in the EU to develop an unmanned robot to monitor various vine and grape traits such as yield, vegetative growth, and grape composition.

This issue marks the launch of a new column, Soil Horizon, the first of a semi-regular column in which Geoff Kew will draw on his many years of experience looking at soil profiles in vineyards and other horticultural and agricultural enterprises to remind growers how soil affects vine growth, fruit production and quality.

Another of the highlights of the May-June issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal is Cathy Howard’s look at the use of whole bunches in winemaking in which she speaks with a couple of Australian producers about what they’re doing, why and how. And if Pinot Noir is in your production mix, then you’ll be interested to read the results of some research out of Germany on the effect of micro-oxygenation on the polyphenols and sensory characteristics of this variety.

And, the results of the Journal’s recent tasting of lesser known Italian white varietals can also be found in the May-June Wine & Viticulture Journal.

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