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Wine Peloton announce 2015 Tour of Tassie

After a successful 2014 #7peaks7Days, The Wine Peloton are at it again, announcing a 2015 #TourofTassie. The group will cycle around Tasmania between 22–28 November to raise funds for wine writer Tyson Stelzer’s Teen Rescue Foundation.

While the group can’t replicate the mountain climbing feats of the 7 peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge, the Tour of Tasmania will cross Hobart’s Mt Wellington and the Peak of Cradle Mountain as they cover more than 1,000km in seven days.

Setting their targets high, the Wine Peloton are aiming to raise more than $40,000 for the Teen Rescue Foundation, a charity dedicated to minimising the harm of alcohol abuse amongst teenage Australians through education and front line support.

According to a statement released by the Wine Peloton, the event provides the wine community with an opportunity to become more pro-active in addressing this serious health and social issue. “With an active and vocal anti-alcohol lobby which does not discriminate in its opposition to different forms of alcoholic beverages, the wine community needs to demonstrate that it is a responsible member of the broader community, is being active in helping to prevent the unintended abuse of alcohol and contributing to practical solutions to alcohol abuse,” the statement read.

The Wine Peloton have invited grapegrowers, winemakers, regional associations, retailers, distributors, marketers, industry suppliers, wine shows and all businesses that make a dollar out of the eventual sale of wine to pledge support as a partner of The Wine Peloton.

For more information visit The Wine Peloton.

For more information about Tyson Stelzer’s charity visit Teen Rescue Foundation.

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