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Adelaide University launch new wine centre

A new centre launched at the University of Adelaide’s Waite campus will help the wine industry address key challenges while producing the wines that consumers want and the market demands.

Supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and 12 partner organisations, the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production aims to build knowledge and technologies that will help the wine industry face the challenges of climate warming, water limitations, changing consumer preferences and increasing production costs.

Key objectives are to better manage flavour and alcohol content in Australia’s wines despite these environmental and cost pressures.

Professor Vladimir Jiranek, Professor of Oenology in the University’s School of Agriculture, Food and Wine and director of the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production, said there was a portfolio of 18 projects which take a ‘grape to glass’ approach to tackling key issues facing the industry.

“The knowledge and technologies arising from the Centre will help the industry make the best wines that will be sought after domestically and internationally,” Jiranek said. “We aim to underpin and enable more profitable grape-growing and winemaking while achieving the desired flavour and alcohol balance that consumers want.”

According to Jiranek, specific targets include: viticultural practices to optimise yields of flavour-rich grapes that are not necessarily high in sugars; treatments and winemaking practices that will maintain flavour while controlling sugar and alcohol content; and working with producers and retailers to define precisely the type of wines that consumers want.

“The Centre will also strengthen links between research, industry and education and produce highly skilled PhD and postdoctoral researchers honed for working at the industry/research interface,” he said

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