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Robert Joseph to present ‘wine is just another beverage’

Acclaimed United Kingdom wine commentator and maker Robert Joseph will present the next Wine Communicators of Australia lecture on 16 June (Sydney) and 17 June (Melbourne) entitled ‘wine is just another beverage’.

Joseph will argue that wine is just another beverage competing for consumer attention along with beer, spirits, soft drink, coffee, tea and water for share of throat.

The share of throat issue is paramount for all beverage manufacturers and Joseph will take us through why wine businesses do not pay enough attention to drinks trends around the world.

He will discuss and debate issues such as the wine industry’s blinkered vision and narrow mindedness; how we focus on details our main consumer does not care about; and how precious we are about our product to our detriment.

Joseph’s lecture will touch on what we don’t do compared to other industries and beverage sectors and how we should ‘get real’ so we can look forward to a prosperous future for wine.

Joseph’s comments are bound to resonate whether you make, market, promote or write about bag-in-the-box or luxury Champagne. It promises to be both a provocative and informative presentation from one of the world’s leading wine communicators.

Tickets to the WCA Lecture are $40 (members) and $55 (guests) and include a glass of wine on arrival. The Lecture will be followed by a BYO special bottle social dinner at Astral (Sydney) and The Point (Melbourne).

Full details are available at www.winecommunicators.com.au/upComingEvents.cfm

Robert Joseph has spent the past 25 years being actively analytical about the world’s wine. He has launched the highly competitive International Wine Challenge and published hard hitting wine and spirit publications such as Wine and Spirit International and Wine Business. Recently, Joseph launched his own range of wines which deeply impacted his previously held perception of what wine is and what it means to the consumer.

The WCA has conducted an Annual Lecture for each of the past five years with presentations from wine industry luminaries Jeffrey Grosset, Brian Croser, James Halliday, Dan Berger and Mike Paul. Each of these speakers presented topics that sparked debate and successfully encouraged dialogue among the world’s wine communicators.

For booking enquiries please contact Cecilie Lewis, WCA Administrator on 02 9810 0177 or ">w

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