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The new faces of Australian wine

Have you ever thought about a wine variety (where it’s from, how it grows in the vineyard and what type of wine it makes) and said ‘that reminds me of someone I know?’. The organisers of 21st Century Vino have, in fact they’ve matched a range of ‘alternative’ varieties to diverse and colourful personalities.

Here’s one example: Nero d’aVola, “the original nice guy”.

“Your would-be boyfriend or the helpful neighbour who’s always mowing your lawn or who will come give your car a jump start when the battery dies on the side of the road. He’s a workhorse, never tiring or lacking in flavour or character, instilled with grace and manners. What you see is what you get- likeable, vibrant, cheerful and delicious.”

“Medium bodied, he is not overly large but certainly no wimp, strong and powerful with a soft touch. Suiting all situations from his dark fruits-of-the-forest and mulberry fruits intertwined with aromatic hints of blood orange and sweet spices. He is the wingman, confidante, companion, helpful son, drinking buddy and romantic boyfriend all embodied in the one form, the quintessential all-rounder.”

If you want to find out more about the personality traits of alternative varieties, head to www.21stcenturyvino.com.au and have a look at the blog posts, or check out @21stCenturyVino on Twitter to see what these characters have been up to. There are eight to get to know.

But this cheeky take on describing a bunch of lesser-known grape varieties has some serious business behind it. Next weekend the 21st Century Vino event will fill Melbourne’s Federation Square with conversation, exploration and celebration of the diversity of Australian wine.

It’s an opportunity to hear plenty of stories, taste the wines and meet the people who are taking ‘alternative’ Italian varieties, growing them in the right places, making them thoughtfully and crafting the new face of Australian wine in the 21st Century.

There’s a big list of quality wineries represented and some very interesting wine identities involved in each session (the likes of Max Allen, Phil Reedman, Brendan Carter, Sue Bell, Louisa Rose, Bruce Chalmers, Katherine Brown, Ashley Ratcliff, Mike Bennie, Leanne Webb, Kim Chalmers, Lincoln Riley and James Halliday).

You can find out more, and book your tickets, on the 21st Century Vino website www.21stcenturyvino.com.au or check it all out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (have a scout around the #21STCV hashtag).

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