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Total traceability for Ch√Ęteau Mouton Rothschild wines

To ensure that its bottles benefit from individual quality monitoring at all stages in the wine-making process, for its 2005 vintage French company Château Mouton Rothschild has taken up the challenge of traceability and introduced a highly innovative identification process that gives each bottle a ‘digital fingerprint’.

Batch traceability has already been in use at the estate for a number of years. Now, each bottle is marked with a digital code, a unique signature on the back label. The code means that bottles can be individually dated, numbered and identified, in a way that is impossible to forge.

"Guaranteeing the global reputation of our wines while complying with things like food safety regulations will enable us to better protect our business, safeguard our image as a luxury product and combat parallel markets, partly because the system is tamper-proof," explains Philippe Dhalluin, technical manager of Château Mouton Rothschild. "What's more, this authentic quality approach gives us complete control over our marketing channels."

The innovative technology means that bottles can now be tracked efficiently at all times and in all places. In addition, the marking of Château Mouton Rothschild 2005 is an effective weapon against fraud and counterfeiting and a guarantee of the wine's inviolability.

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