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Arniston Bay enters the Chinese market

The Company of Wine People has recently sent its first shipment of Arniston Bay wine to the People’s Republic of China. Its market partner here is Chinese-owned South Africa wine (Fuzhou) (Pty) Ltd. Even though it is still considered an emerging market for wine, it’s rapidly expanding economy is creating an environment in which increased disposable income is made available for imported wine brands.

Brand and business development manager, Mark Lester, said: “China is a very appealing market which holds plenty of latent potential in for South African wine producers. Even though cultural barriers, the strong market presence of French, Australian and even China’s own local wine industry continue to pose a challenge for market entry into China, we always had it ranked as a priority market in which we had to engage.

"Price sensitivity plays a significant role in the success of one’s product in this market; however there is definitely room for premium priced products too.”

Initial trade will predominantly be focused on the retail channel, specifically through a network of specialty stores situated in various major cities and counties such as Fujian and Beijing.

South Africa wine (Fuzhou) (Pty) Ltd is based in the Fujian Province, Fuzhou city, and specializes in the distribution of South African wine.

Linking South Africa with wine is still a relatively new notion for the Chinese – market traditionally accustomed to Old World wines – but the company of wine people believes it can gain market share by introducing quality wines to consumers.

The Chinese market generally prefers simple, uncomplicated, conservative labels and therefore Arniston Bay The Shore red and white wines were a perfect fit, also in terms of wine style.

Arniston Bay, a wine which derives its name from the tranquil fishing village Arniston on the southern coast of Africa, is synonymous with a laid-back lifestyle and leisure time.

South African wine is becoming popular among Chinese drinkers, and while Australian and French have been available for a while, consumers are eager to widen their choices, said Lester.

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