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Happy #SauvBlanc Day!

Today is #SauvBlanc Day and wine lovers around the globe will be toasing to Sauvignon Blanc – the crisp, refreshing, zingy drop that has not only taken the world by storm, but is also Australia’s favourite white wine varietal.

With the sun rising first in New Zealand, #SauvBlanc Day celebrations officially kick off there on Friday 24 April, making their way around the globe, finishing off 43 hours later at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco.

In Australia, it’s very likely that we’ll be celebrating with a glass from New Zealand — in just a few decades the Kiwis have gone from producing barely any Sauvy, to becoming the world’s leading producers of Sauvignon Blanc and makers of 70 per cent of the Sauvy sold in Australia. Despite talk of the end of the “savalanche”, sales are still on the rise here.

It’s all thanks to a pair of brothers who started out in a tin shed in Auckland just over forty years ago, Bill and Ross Spence, co-founders of Matua.

“Bill and Ross made the wine that made New Zealand famous. When they produced the first bottle of New Zealand Sauvy back in 1974 people thought they were mad, but they knew they were on to something special,” said Nikolai St George, Matua Chief Winemaker.

He said today many of the plantings of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc are direct descendants of the vines that Matua grew in the 1970s.

“The world has fallen in love with New Zealand Sauvy because it is so distinctive and flavoursome — it’s aromatic, refreshing, non-pretentious and great value for money,” St George said. “It’s also the perfect entertaining wine that pairs beautifully with food from fish and seafood, to salads, goat’s cheese and green vegetables.”

Celebrate your love of Sauvy on #SauvBlanc Day on April 24 with a glass of Matua and spread the word with the hashtags #SauvBlanc #TasteTheFirst.

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