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Hitting the "Sweet Spot" with Memstar

Alcohol has a profound effect on a taster's perception of a given wine's quality and style.

There are certain alcohol concentrations where the wine seems to stand out, displaying enhanced fruit expression on the nose and palate and improved mouth-feel. When winemakers do a sweet spot tasting on a wine, they find that even small reductions in alcohol can make the difference between a good wine and a great.

Memstar’s unique, patented alcohol adjustment process is rapid and cost effective and reduces wine alcohol without any water addition, heating of the wine or distillation.

Wine doesn’t leave the winery. Memstar’s unique mobile equipment is operated entirely on-site by our skilled personnel. There is no need for any portion of the wine to be shipped away for further processing. This means no extra freight costs and less risk of contamination or loss. The winemaker can observe, participate and have ultimate control.

We invite winemakers to trial our system by phoning us on (08) 8562 1139.

Short or long term hire options are also available.

Further information is available at www.memstar.com.au

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