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SA wine history unfolds in film on Hamilton Family

'Wine Line – the Hamilton Story'  is a dramatised documentary film that highlights the success of the Hamilton family’s wine ventures – and their impact on the Australian wine industry.

The film takes viewers on a journey through the history, life and times of early South Australian settlers – the Hamilton Family – one of whom arrived on the first ship to reach the new colony in 1836. The family became founders of Hamilton’s Wines that eventually grew to become Leconfield — Home of Richard Hamilton Wines.

Starting as a corporate video production for Leconfield Wines’ with current owner Dr Richard Hamilton, great-great-grandson of the original founder Richard Hamilton, the project grew into a feature film reflecting six generations of a significant South Australian family.

“It was a passion of mine to see a way of telling the story of a unique family history after 175 years,” Hamilton said. “I knew this was the time to act and what we came up with was a remarkable motion picture in which we had to recreate fascinating historic facts that were uncovered.”

Martin Gordon, filmmaker with Light Image Films, said he was expecting to create a small, corporate history on the companies owned by Hamilton but it naturally turned into something bigger.

“It was such a remarkable story that it grew like topsy, it is not just about the family, it’s a parallel of South Australian History that rolled out before us,” Gordon said. “It was like a Russian doll, every time you opened one story there was another nestled inside it, and then another inside that.”

Gordon said there is an over-arching story leading from the first Richard Hamilton in 1837 through to the current Richard, but inside that “you have a story about a remarkable wine, Hamilton’s Ewell Moselle, that changed Australia’s drinking habits”.

Hamilton said the film has beautiful, old family movie footage and is entwined with the dramatic re-enactments at the old family home at Marion and various wineries around SA.

“The film has merits, it has engagements and links to the history of the state. I think if people are interested in history and a good story then this is a genuine and a unique story of the Hamiltons and their troubles and difficulties and their technical achievements, like the refrigeration of wine fermentation that was actually the beginning of the table wine revolution in Australia.”

Tune in to Channel 44 at 8:30pm on Sunday April 12 to view “WineLine – The Hamilton Story”.

A trailer for the film is available to view in the Video Gallery section of our website, under http://www.leconfieldwines.com/video-gallery


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