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World’s Best Sommeliers coming to Australia

An exciting opportunity to learn from the best sommeliers in the world is coming for Australian beverage professionals, with the 'royalty' of the Court of Master Sommeliers scheduled to arrive here in August this year.

Fine Wine Partners are pleased to facilitate the Court’s first visit to Australia, giving our sommeliers the chance to gain an internationally recognised qualification that demands skills in practical areas; tasting, service and salesmanship in addition to extensive wine knowledge.

The Court’s Chief Executive, Brian Julyan will be joined by Master Sommeliers, Tim Gaiser and Keith Goldston to conduct the first two levels of the Court’s program; the Introductory Course and Exam and Certificate Sommelier Exam in Sydney and Melbourne.

In each of the cities, only one hundred places will be available for the Introductory level (a two day program) and only thirty places for the top students to sit for their Sommelier's Certificate (one day). In order to be selected to sit for the Certificate Examination, candidates must have completed and passed the Introductory Course and Exam.

These are the first two levels of the four necessary to become a Master Sommelier — the ultimate professional credential worldwide for sommeliers. The final levels are currently only available in the UK and US.

The Court of Master Sommeliers developed their strategy in the UK with the first Master Sommelier examinations held in 1969. Since then they have opened a chapter in America in 1997 and have gained the reputation of being the world’s premier examining body for sommeliers.

With over 160 Master Sommeliers around the world and only one in our region — Cameron Douglas in NZ — this is offers the chance for our sommeliers to work towards becoming Australia’s first Master Sommelier.

The courses and examinations will be held at the Sofitel in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Introductory Course & Examination will be held over two days in Melbourne on 27–28 August and in Sydney on the 30–31 August. Cost is $500.

The Certified Sommelier Examination will be held for one day on 29 August in Melbourne and on 1 September in Sydney. Cost is $400.

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