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Latest issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal now available

The March-April issue of Australia’s Wine & Viticulture Journal has hit the streets featuring the theme of ‘Planning for Success’.

Perhaps the most controversial of the articles written with this theme in mind is Richard Smart’s opinion column. Prompted by the current development of the Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA) five-year strategic plan, Smart explains why he thinks Australia should look to New Zealand for some guidance on the future success of its wine industry as he believes its wine sector is in better health than ours.

Continuing with the theme of ‘Planning for Success’, Tony Hoare looks at some trends and future predictions for Australian viticulture, asking whether Shiraz will continue to underpin the industry’s future. This is Part 1 of a two-part article. In the second instalment he will look at the viticultural developments and environmental factors that will assist or impede the future growth of Australian viticulture.

In view of our changing climate and the ongoing quest by producers to keep consumers engaged with new products, many are looking to alternative varieties. Regular contributor Cathy Howard spoke to three producers who have done just that, seeking their views on how to determine which varieties to target,  and which ones produce the best natural acidity and show most promise of adapting best to the environmental changes afoot.

Exporting is key to the future success of many producers in Australia and, indeed, the industry at large whose very existence relies upon it given more than 50 per cent of its production is shipped offshore. In the March-April issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal, Tony Keys continues his look at wine exporting in which he talks to key people in the trade to find out where the opportunities lie in the current climate, particularly for small to mid-size producers.

And finally on our theme of ‘Planning for Success’, three leading Australian wine label designers give their thoughts on the sorts of things wineries should consider with regard to wine labelling into the future, offering their insights into trends in this area.

Other highlights of this issue include an opinion column by Burke Reschke, of Reschke in the Coonawarra, on why his company is standing by the humble cork and is prepared to tolerate the cost of replacing the occasional cork-damaged wines.

We also have a very interesting read republished from the US Wines & Vines magazine which reveals some insights into yet-to-be-published research showing the challenge wineries face in their efforts to minimise total package oxygen.

Then there’s editor Sonya Logan’s article on the first proven alternative solution to bentonite to be made available to Australian wine producers.

And, don’t miss the results of our recent tasting of Cabernet and Merlot dominant blends.

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