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Airline-friendly wine travel bags now available in Australia

BottleWise Australia, the local distributor for United States-based BottleWise™, has announced the Australian availability of BottleWise Duo™, the only multi-purpose bag on the market designed to keep wine bottles safe during air travel.

Developed in response to world-wide air travel restrictions on liquids in carry-on bags, BottleWise Duo allows travellers to once again bring home that special souvenir from their wine country experience.

Unlike bulky and expensive hard-sided carriers, BottleWise Duo folds flat to pack neatly inside checked luggage and features two removable padded pouches that protect standard 750 ml bottles from the bumps and temperature fluctuations of air travel. Inside each pouch is a resealable liquid-tight liner bag that will safeguard luggage contents if a bottle ever breaks.

The flexible patent-pending design lets travellers securely transport wine when flying or simply snap the bottle pouches into the messenger-style carrying shell when taking wine on picnics, camping trips or other outdoor pursuits.

“Since our launch in the US last year, the BottleWise Duo has quickly garnered attention from wine and travel related publications and websites, as well as wine travellers,” said Amy Dias, president of BottleWise.

“With its robust wine industry and strong culinary travel market, Australia is the ideal location for establishing the company’s first distributor.”

The inspiration for BottleWise Duo came to company founders James and Amy Dias when, during a 2007 trip to Australia, a business associate gave James two bottles of wine just before his return flight to the United States. Knowing he couldn’t transport the wine in his hand luggage, James wrapped the bottles in clothing, placed them in his suitcase and then spent most of the 24-hour flight worried the bottles would break in his luggage, ruining everything inside.

After researching the marketplace and talking with others who’ve had similar near misses, the Diases determined that, given today’s tight carry-on policy restrictions, it has become increasingly difficult for travellers to bring home a couple bottles of new or interesting wines to share with friends.

“We’ve introduced the concept of the BottleWise Duo to a lot of different people in Australia – from casual wine drinkers to the more discriminating enthusiasts – and everyone seems to have a ‘nuisance story’ about travelling with wine,” said Bert Forbes, Managing Director of BottleWise Australia.

“We’re also getting positive feedback from wineries that see the Duo as a perfect way to boost their cellar door gift shop and wine club sales.”

For more information visit www.bottlewise.com.au

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