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Wine industry mergers lead to fewer wine companies

The number of Australian wine companies has reduced for first time in three decades. There are 90 fewer compared to a year ago, according to the 33rd edition of The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory.

The latest edition of the Directory lists 2,481 commercial Australian wine companies, down from the peak number in 2014. Although more than 100 new wine businesses emerged in the past 12 months, almost 200 went out of business, were absorbed into another existing company or dropped wine production to focus on grapegrowing. The Directory shows a net loss of 92 companies.

Michael Major, Wine Industry Directory editor, said the net loss in the number of wine companies wasn't entirely indicative of the overall health of the Australian wine industry, which saw an increase in domestic sales of wine the past year.

“While we did see a number of companies go out of business, others merged with larger companies while some companies dropped their wine production and focussed only on grapegrowing,” Major said.

Prior to this year the number of companies listed had been doubling every decade, according to Major.

“The 620 companies in 1990 had almost doubled by 2000 (to 1,197) and in the next decade more than doubled to 2,420 in 2010," he said.

Majors said while the rate of growth has slowed, in the past 10 years the Directory has seen an average net gain of 58 wine producers per year.

In 2015 Victoria has the greatest number of wine producers with 745 listed, compared with 703 in South Australia, 469 in NSW/ACT, 113 in Tasmania, 85 in Queensland and 366 in WA.

Celebrating 33 years in print, the Wine Industry Directory is a compilation of industry statistics, winery contact details and industry suppliers.

Published by Winetitles, the 2015 Directory includes a comprehensive listing of wine producers, grapegrowers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, universities and education facilities, writers, wine publications, organisations, events and wine shows and industry personnel.

As information needs evolve and new media delivery methods are developed, Majors said Winetitles is constantly updating to ensure the Directory remains relevant and useful.

“Online wine blogs have become just as important as printed wine magazines amongst consumers,” Major said. “Wine blogs are now mainstream and for the first time we have included them in the Directory listings to reflect their importance.”

The directory is available from Winetitles for A$113.85 in Australia/New Zealand and A$175.00 overseas. (All prices include postage and include a subscription to the online search engine). Copies can be ordered online at https://winetitles.com.au/bookstore/bookstore.asp.

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