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March/April Wine Industry Journal out now!

As the March/April issue of The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Journal arrives with subscribers, wineries around Australia and New Zealand are working overtime, creating another vintage of world-class wines to offer domestic and international markets.

Long-time alternative grape variety enthusiast Mark Walpole delves into the native-Italian grape, Sagrantino. Originally grown to produce passito styles of wine, made from semi-dried grapes, Sagrantino shows great potential to be grown in the Southern Hemisphere to make full-bodied dry wines in a similar style to Nebbiolo or Sangiovese.

The Wine Industry Journal is keen to demonstrate the excellent results being achieved by Australia and New Zealand’s smaller wine producers, and there are many wineries doing great things with organic and biodynamic wines in both countries. See this issue’s report, including a comprehensive tasting for more.

In the second instalment of the ‘Innovation for Success’ column by Vincent O’Brien of the Australian Wine Research Institute and Chris Colby of the University of Adelaide, crossflow microfiltration is touted as a viable option for the filtration of white wines, in particular. Other winemaking highlights include the report by the Swiss researchers that have teamed up with an Australian wine industry supplier to identify the benefits of lysozyme in Australian winemaking, offering greater control with malolactic fermentation.

Pinot Noir continues to gather a legion of fans around the world and in this issue, we are pleased to present the results of Venetia Joscelyne’s research into the varying phenolic content – and subsequent sensory differences – between Old World and New World wines. The tasting included in Venetia’s report highlight the different characteristics in wines from the Australia, New Zealand, the USA and France.

Regular Wine Industry Journal business columnist Jonathan Scott has recently returned from another trip to the UK, where he was able to gain a great deal of insight to the UK Government’s increase in alcohol excise. In this issue’s column, Jonathan indicates the reasons for the excise hike, reactions and possible consequences for Australian wine, which may include an opportunity to increase prices for exporters of mid-priced wines.

The Wine Industry Journal thanks Tony Keys for making a special trip to Adelaide to interview Stephen Strachan of the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia, and Paul Henry of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, about which path they think the Australian wine industry needs to take in the coming years. Tony’s interview highlights the strength in leadership that will be a vital element in ensuring the future success of Australian wine industry.

Valmai Hankel delves into the oenological life of Joseph Gilbert of Pewsey Vale in South Australia’s Barossa Valley. The Wine Industry Journal joins Valmai in thanking Simon Gilbert, of Wineworks of Australia, for his assistance in providing family history and photographs for Part One of this article. Look out for Part Two in our next issue.

The Wine Industry Journal wishes all our readers the best of luck for their new wine releases, and we look forward to your feedback about the information presented in the March/April issue.

For further information about Wine Industry Journal or to secure your copy of the March/April issue, visit www.winetitles.com.au/wij/subscribe.asp or telephone Winetitles on +618 8292 0888.

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