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Smart ways to tackle the challenges of vintage

Don’t let the challenging 2015 vintage catch you off-guard. Smart technology is available to help you keep on top of ferments, monitor wine development and assist with blending decisions, so that you can produce the best wine possible.

The AWRI WineCloud is a web-based tool that allows grape and wine producers to upload, analyse and benchmark data in a secure online environment. Its primary use is to support measurement of colour, phenolics and tannins in red grapes, ferments and wines, but the tool can also be used for simple online storage and analysis of crucial vintage data, to support real-time winemaking decisions.

The tool allows users to compare results against wine data from the AWRI’s extensive database, containing over 20,000 global samples. Benchmark your wines against those of your peers or against classic styles from around the world.

For more details, please contact ">AWRI Commercial Services or register at www.thewinecloud.com.au.

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