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An introduction to regenerative farm and environment practices workshop

Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard in the Hunter Valley is proudly hosting its second Biodynamic Agriculture Australia workshop on the weekend of 17–18 May 2008.

The 2 day workshop is an introduction to:

• Understanding the soil food web. • Soil fertility. • Using the biodynamic preparations. • Managing natural resources. • Risk management in relation to production systems. • Climate risk management.

Hamish Mackay is the CEO of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia and treasurer of the Organic Federation of Australia; he has been working with Biodynamics for 35 years. Hamish will lead participants through a hands on and practical 2-day workshop. Participants will learn the method of creating and applying the biodynamic preparations; contributing to the soil food web and bringing fertility and balance to the soil. They will learn about the development of management programs that optimize regenerative agricultural production, including strategy on sustainable land use. The practical aspects of adopting biodynamics will also be addressed, with input from Krinklewood Vineyard Vigneron Rod Windrim and Vineyard Manager Lawson Armstrong.

Rod Windrim has been working with Biodynamic Practice for 6 years. In 2007 Krinklewood Vineyard became Certified Biodynamic (In-conversion). Rod’s goal has been simply to nurture the land to good health; allowing it to produce high quality fruit that is a true reflection of Krinklewood’s terroir. This goal naturally led him to the Biodynamic approach.

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd is a not-for-profit membership association with 1200+ members. It was created in 1989 to assist farmers and gardeners adopt biodynamics as a cost effective way to produce high quality food and fibre, at the same time improving our environment.

The workshop focuses on biodynamic Agriculture across the board and is not limited to grape and wine production.

For more information and to register to the event visit www.biodynamics.net.au/events_workshops.htm

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