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AGWA calls for non-executive directors

The Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA) are seeking applicants for non-executive directors to join their board for a part-time term of up to three years. As the current term for each of AGWA’s seven non-executive directors nears its end, a spokesperson for the industry body said they are interested in hearing from applicants who come from a variety of career backgrounds. Supporting the national wine sector by investing in research and development, growing global demand and protecting the reputation of Australian wine, AGWA is funded by grapegrowers, winemakers and wine exporters as well as the Australian Government.

Based in Adelaide, the role requires applicants to be experienced in one or more of the following fields:

·      grapegrowing

·      winemaking

·      marketing

·      technology

·      human resource management

·      communications

·      strategic management

·      finance

·      administration of research and development

·      law

·      business management and administration

·      government policy processes

·      public administration

To read more on the role, or to apply visit Candidate Information or contact Steven Weinert at AGWA on (08) 8228 2013 before the closing date 27 March 2015.





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