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Logans unveil new identity

The Logans are delighted to unveil a brand new identity for their eponymous label, and first appearances would suggest they’ve got this new look all stitched up.

Logan has always strived to create bold, iconic labels that articulate the unique characteristics of their wines. With the redesign of their signature label, the Logan range of wines from cold-climate Orange, winemaker Peter Logan’s very particular approach to his craft inspired the choice of dimensional embroidery, a fitting metaphor for the patience, care and love that goes into every bottle.

The 2007 Logan Chardonnay, 2007 Logan Pinot Noir, 2006 Logan Shiraz and 2006 Logan Cabernet Merlot are the first Logan wines to provide the elegant canvases for these new labels.

So why the change?

According to Peter Logan; “We decided the time was ripe to step up to the future and greet the next decade with a fresh new outlook and image. By embroidering intricate compositions of fruits, berries, leaves and flowers, each label represents the textures and characters inside. We think these beautiful, hand crafted images are a really honest reflection of what goes into our winemaking and what can be found in each bottle of Logan wine.”

As to the seductive models parading the new labels, there is more to these wines than just a pretty package. All four of these new vintage releases are very true to their region and benefit from premium cold-climate fruit.

Arguably the stand out of the four is the 2007 Logan Chardonnay, finely styled and produced from high altitude (950 metres above sea level) cold climate grapes. Peter Logan waxes lyrical when describing this wine. “This is such a fine example of a refined chardonnay that’s both food friendly and age worthy with a charming, understated finesse,” he says.

“Only from true cold climate growing areas can chardonnay develop gracefully before finally blossoming into one of the world’s finest aged wine styles. Yet chardonnay such as this is just as enjoyable when it’s young, bursting with crisp vitality and spine tingling length.”

Equally as enjoyable in its youth is the 2007 Logan Pinot Noir. Fruit for this wine is grown at two vineyard sites, one at 850m altitude and the other at 950m. While both produce true pinot noir character, the lower vineyard fruit shows plummy, berry characters, while the higher vineyard is lighter in colour, highly perfumed and spicy. Only in a region with such an altitudinal difference can complexity be gained in this way.

Both the 2006 Logan Shiraz and 2006 Logan Cabernet Merlot display the soft mid-palate fruit flavours Australian wine has become famous for. In both wines, this plush fruit is complemented by savoury complexity and a structure and length quite European, due to the cold, sunny growing conditions of Orange.

Peter’s favourite of these two reds is the shiraz. “This shiraz isn’t the straight up fruit bomb so often produced from this variety,” he says. “At the risk of using a tired and often hollow refrain, this wine shows decidedly Rhone-like spice and structure.”

This anything-but-typical Aussie shiraz and its three stable mates will be in store, proudly displaying their new threads, from April 1 2008. Seek out the full range from your favourite bottle shop, restaurant or bar.

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