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Wine Business Solutions launches 2008 Distributor Benchmarking Survey

Wine Business Solutions has just launched the wine industry’s first distributor benchmarking survey. It’s designed to provide tailored guidance on optimising profits through better returns on sales and marketing investment.

Through benchmarking your distribution performance you’ll not only gain better understanding of your competitiveness, you’ll also gain a substantial “bargaining chip” with suppliers and distributors. Together, these two factors will you give a significant competitive advantage over non participants in the survey.

How it works

Participants can register at the WBS site secure login winebusinesssolutions.com.au/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=login.aspx

The survey can be completed online once your account has been activated. By making just a few entries in relation to each product range sold by each distributor, a complete business performance analysis will be calculated for you.

The results will then be aggregated so as to establish benchmarks. Strict criteria are defined for each term so as to ensure consistency and reliability. Each participant receives their own tailored report with unique business improvement suggestions.

The comprehensive benchmark information you’ll receive will include:

• Distributor margins and performance to budget (your distributors vs. industry av.) • “True” gross margin figures (after adjustment for all bonus stock, samples, commissions and other price support) and comparison with the industry. • Comparative cost of freight, insurance, currency fluctuations, bad debts and other “margin eroders”. • Advertising & Promotion contribution levels & benchmarks for the management thereof • A true total cost of business figure including all market service costs benchmarked against the industry. • Profit figures after application of operating overhead both by product range and distributor, benchmarked against the industry • Distributor sales force sizes and market coverage • Number of brands in portfolios – and therefore likely levels of focus • Number of brands from the same country / region – and therefore prevalence of brand conflicts • Payment terms / average time till payment and estimated percentage of on time payments • Strategic Brand Management capability • Perceived quality of working relationships • Responsiveness ratings • Satisfaction and loyalty ratings

Client information will be treated with utmost care and confidentiality. Clients will only receive comment on their performance relative to industry benchmarks and no individual company’s information or part thereof will be disclosed to any other party.

The cost?

$A1995 for businesses processing less than 1000 tonnes. Includes tailored report with business specific operation improvement recommendations.

$A3995 for businesses processing more than 1000 tonnes. Includes tailored report with business specific operation improvement recommendations and a personalised half day presentation by WBS to your Senior Management Team and/or Board.

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