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Cullen honoured in ABN hall of fame

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, on Sunday 8 March, the Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN) has launched its annual Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame which recognises the achievements of 18 female entrepreneurs from diverse industries.

Representing the wine industry is Vanya Cullen, founder of biodynamic Western Australian winery Cullen Wines. Cullen has been inducted into the ABN 2015 Hall of Fame for her “entrepreneurial finesse” as well as her dedication to producing wine for climate conscious consumers.

As an environmentalist, Cullen refuses to have synthetic chemicals in the winery’s carbon-free vineyard and partakes in a program to plant trees, making Cullen Wines the only Australian winery to offset carbon dioxide emissions.

“The soils are healthy, the vines are healthy and the fruit’s healthy and that’s what gives us sustainability and quality,” Cullen said. “Only take on work you love and are passionate about. There is never complete calm sailing in business. Learn from your mistakes and move on.”

For the past 17 years, the ABN Hall of Fame has honoured women who are trailblazers in their industries and highlights their business journeys to inspire up-and-coming female entrepreneurs on their path to success.

Suzi Dafnis ABN chief executive officer said the Hall of Fame is designed to inspire Australian women with stories of entrepreneurial success and notable achievements from stand out female business owners.

“The aim is to shine a light on female entrepreneurs, a group that is underrepresented by other awards programs,” Dafnis said. “The women were chosen as Hall of Fame recipients because of their exemplary achievements and because they are shining examples for women who have started or are looking to start their own business.”

Every year the Hall of Fame inductees are asked to share their business story and success secrets. These insightful tips and strategies are included in a downloadable Keepsake Booklet and share the inductees’ combined wisdom with aspiring businesswomen.   

Cullen’s strategies for success include a tenacious stance, clear goals and compassion.

“You also need to be gentle on yourself, take care of yourself and remember that family and close friends come first,” Cullen said.

The 2015 ABN Hall of Fame inductees include:

Abigail Forsyth, KeepCup — VIC

Audette Exel, Adara Group — NSW

Barb de Corti, ENJO — WA

Camilla Franks, Camilla — NSW

Cathie Reid, Epic Pharmacy — QLD

Jean Madden, Street Swags — QLD

Juliette Wright, GIVIT — QLD

Kate Morris, Adore Beauty — VIC

Kate Weiss, Table of Plenty — VIC

Louise Olsen, Dinosaur Designs — NSW

Mia Freedman, Mamamia — VIC

Michelle Bridges, Michelle Bridges — NSW

Narelle Anderson, Envirobank — NSW

Natalie Archer, Bendelta — NSW

Penny Spencer, Spencer Travel — NSW

Pip Job, Little River Landcare Group Inc. — NSW

Ulli Spranz, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek — SA

Vanya Cullen, Cullen Wines — WA

For more information and to learn about the 2015 ABN Hall of Fame inductees, visit http://www.abn.org.au/businesswomens-hall-of-fame/about.


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