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What consumers want: premium and local

Marketers need to take on new consumer trends and adapt to a changing market, according to a new Wine Intelligence study released today.

The Wine Intelligence Global Consumer Trends report has spotted nine trends among alcohol consumers, each with different implications for the drinks industry.

“We’re focusing on what’s happening already, sometimes at the fringes of consumer behaviour, sometimes nearer the mainstream,” explains Lulie Halstead, Wine Intelligence chief executive officer.

Although the mass market appears to be shifting towards globalisation, Halstead says individuals are seeing the value in local products.

“Perhaps as a reaction to globalization, we’ve identified a trend we’re calling ‘Localism’,” Halstead said. “Consumers may be citizens of a global village but they’re valuing their physical local communities more and more. This has helped the cause of craft beers, artisanal spirits and even small specialist retailers."

As well as choosing to support local businesses, another trend called ‘Upgrade’ saw consumers wanting to trade in everyday products for a more premium version in discount stores like Aldi and Lidl. Referring to these as “little luxuries”, the trend indicates that consumers are looking to reward themselves with the occasional treat.

‘Activate’ has also been identified as one of the top trends, where by consumers and corporations collaborate in a group thinking sense with the objective of personal gain.

“Consumers and corporations alike are going beyond making token donations to good causes and instead making more tangible contributions,” Halstead said.

The other market trends include convenience, personalisation, physical and mental health improvements, transparency, sensory and fusion.

“Consumer behaviour patterns are shifting all the time, and the pace of change is very rapid,” said Halstead. “Drinks marketers are undoubtedly getting better at understanding how their consumers engage with their products. But that’s really just one piece in a much bigger puzzle. We hope that Global Consumer Trends 2015 will help them to take a much broader view of how consumers are operating – and what they expect from the companies they buy from."

Global Consumer Trends 2015 is published by Wine Intelligence and available from the Wine Intelligence Reports Shop, priced at £1,000 or 2 Report Credits.

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