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Winemaker says he is "lucky" after 300k deliberate spill

A vandal caused thousands of dollars' worth of damage at a Lyndoch winery, but the owner is breathing a sigh of relief.

Mark Pearce, Kellermeister winemaker, said it was “a silly act of wine vandalism” that saw more than $236,000 go down the drain after a man allegedly crept into the winery and opened the taps on four tanks.

More than 25,000 litres of wine was released from the tanks in the early hours of Sunday morning. A 57-year-old Barossa Valley man has been arrested over the incident, and charged with property damage.

“The good news is that we were actually really lucky,” Pearce said. “Only two of our Chardonnay wine batches, which were in tank ready for bottling, were impacted.”

Pearce said the 2010 and 2011 Chardonnay vintages were fully covered by insurance and he was relieved that Kellermeister’s flagship red wines remained safe.

“It could have been a lot worse, we’re very fortunate that all of our other wines in barrel and tank weren’t impacted at all.”

Pearce said the winery has an extensive security system which is monitored at all times and CCTV captured “the shenanigans as they unfolded.”

“A man was arrested on Tuesday and the matter is now out of our hands.”

Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, Pearce was unable to comment on whether the arrested man was known to him.

The man will appear before the Elizabeth Magistrates Court on March 31.





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