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Online and convenience shopping trends in global market

Online and convenience shopping will be the two key channels that wine companies and producers will have to target in the future in the major global wine markets, according to new research from ProWein and Wine Intelligence.

The two organisations will present the results of a major study of the wine drinking trends across eight of the most important markets in the world at next month’s exhibition in Dusseldorf.

The study assesses the markets it claims represents 50 per cent or 12 billion litres, of all wine consumed in the world and covers the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan and Australia.

In what they refer to as the ‘convenience revolution’, research indicates a multi-country trend towards buying wine more often, in less quantity. The growth in convenience shopping is particularly high in the UK, US, France and Spain where 'local' versions of the main supermarket brands are popping up in smaller towns and cities, leading consumers to smaller and more frequent shopping.

A trend in online shopping is continuing, but countries are at different stages of growth. The UK’s advanced online shopping network and France’s “click and collect” system has seen both countries progress in direct-to-home trends. As communication technology continues to grow, the research predicts an increase in online shopping as consumers will see the experience as easier and more efficient.

Consolidation is another key trend, especially in Germany and Italy. Powerful discount chains have been the main driver in Germany, as mainstream supermarkets move to occupy premium market space, putting specialist wine shops under pressure.

Wine businesses have two options presented; market towards convenience shopping by pushing a smaller range of wines that are strong, visible and reliable brands for quick, low involvement buying, or embrace the growth of online shopping with a broader and more information-rich range, with less brand and more provenance and story.

A summary of the report will be presented to participants in this year’s ProWein on Monday, March 16 at 10:15–11am in the ProWein Forum in Hall 13.

A printed version of the report will be available for purchase following the presentation.




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