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AGWA extends applications for Future Leaders

Future Leaders, a leadership development program for people in the grape and wine sector who are early to mid-career, has extended its application deadline to March 17, 2015.

Funded by the sector and coordinated by The Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA), Future Leaders will be offered to 15 applicants with open, creative, inquisitive minds and already demonstrating leadership potential.

Over the past ten years, the program has produced 75 alumni from the grape and wine community: winemakers; grapegrowers and viticulturists; business managers and marketers; suppliers and researchers.

Tom Ward, Swinging Bridges’ winemaker who was part of the third Future Leaders intake in 2009, said the program for him was life changing.

“I’ve been very lucky – I have been to university and I have been part of the Len Evans Tutorial but Future Leaders was the biggest game changer for me,” he said.

“It taught us to run our businesses well, to be strategic in the workplace, but also to expand our thinking beyond day-to-day issues.

“I wouldn’t be where I am without the Future Leaders program.”

Katherine Brown from Brown Brothers and 2012 graduate said encouraging people to get involved is particularly important in smaller regions where it can be hard to find mentors or develop networks.

“I took so much out of the program. You’re sharing time and ideas with winemakers, viticulturists, marketers and administrators from all states and from companies big and small, and these are people who care about the industry and where they want it to go.

“Everyone I speak with is positive about it. There’s a feeling not only that we need more younger leaders in the industry but also that we need to expose younger people to concepts that challenge their thinking and allow them to look outside the industry for ideas and strategies.”

AGWA is encouraging individuals in the grape and wine sector to give a tap on the shoulder to potential applicants for Future Leaders, the sector’s leadership development program.

Visit the Future Leaders 2015 website and ‘tap someone on the shoulder’ via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.





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