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Mexico says ‘salud’ to Australian wine

The biggest tasting of Australian wine in Mexico was held in Mexico City for close to 200 media, trade and VIP guests, last Thursday.

Hosted by Wine Australia, guests were able to taste more than 60 Australian wines from 13 wine regions including the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Heathcote, Frankland River and the Hunter Valley.

The multi-format tasting event included blind tastings, mini-masterclasses and door prizes all designed to educate guests on the quality and diversity of Australian wine.

The tasting has already generated 70 prospective sales leads as exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase both existing wines in the Mexican market as well as introduce wines newly available for import, according to Wine Australia.

With wine imports in to Mexico at A$225 million in 2014, and the local wine market estimated to grow from $1.9bn to $3.7bn by 2018, Mexico presents an opportunity for Australian wine brands.

Wine Australia’s Angela Slade said this was the first Wine Australia event to be held in Mexico and the support it received from brands demonstrated the importance of such events.

“This is a market that has seen double digit value growth every year for the past five years and right now Australian brands probably aren’t capitalising on this growth to its full potential,” she said.

Slade said these tastings present an opportunity for brands to engage with drinkers in emerging markets like Mexico, who are newly discovering wine.

“With events like the Australian Embassy tasting, Australian wineries can make sure that they’re playing an on-going role in that journey of discovery.”

Jose Gonzalez, managing director of Bodegas de Vino, said the tasting highlighted the potential of Australian wines.

“The tasting gave me the chance to appreciate different iconic wines from each region.

“Australia showed us the real potential of their wines. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you can’t deny this fact.”

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