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SEW buys Griffith winery

Privately owned Southern Estate Wines Australia (SEW) has completed its acquisition of a 20 million litre Griffith winery asset.

The Original Cinzano, Cranswick and The Wine Group site has been acquired by SEW to support the growing company and expand bulk wine offerings.

Capable of producing up to 20,000,000 litres of wine annually Andrew Dal Broi, SEW executive director, said the facility will ramp up production to his global customer base while maintaining a low-cost, efficiently run operation that over delivers on diligent customer service.

“We’re fortunate enough to have largely maintained the strong team of people who worked at the winery in Griffith. All of our staff have a long history and experience in the industry from our winemakers through to the key support staff,” Dal Broi said.

The Griffith winery has a 22,000 tonne crushing capacity and has been recently revamped to be an environmentally friendly winemaking facility.

Southern Estate Wines (SEW) is part of the Dal Broi Group (DBG) of Companies which specialise in a vertically-integrated wine business from grape farming, wholesale, export, domestic sales, storage and packaging with extensive Global sales opportunities and relationships.




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