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International Sauvignon Blanc conference announced for 2016

New Zealand Winegowers have announced an international conference to celebrate its most famed wine, Sauvignon Blanc.

The inaugural International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration (ISBC) will be held in Marlborough in February 2016 to shine a spotlight on the diverse and sought-after variety.

Accounting for 85 per cent of wine exported from New Zealand, Philip Gregan, chief executive officer of New Zealand Winegrowers, said Sauvignon Blanc has set the international bench mark for the countries wine style.

“The International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration is an opportunity for the world of wine to come together in New Zealand — to learn about, discuss and taste some of the world’s leading examples,” Gregan said.

The event will feature speakers from an array of sectors including science, entertainment, hospitality, journalism and also fellow Sauvignon Blanc producers from around the world, providing guests with a range of perspectives and opinions about the wine.

“We are excited to be hosting a global event in Marlborough,” said Patrick Materman, ISBC committee chairman and chief winemaker of Pernod Ricard Winemakers NZ. “It is an event which will reveal a lot about Sauvignon Blanc and demonstrate its diversity and complexity.”

The International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration will be held on February 1 – 3, 2016 in Marlborough, New Zealand. More information on the event, including how to register, will be announced soon.

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