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Australian Viticulture wants to hear about your unique vineyard machinery creations

The forthcoming May/June issue of Australian Viticulture will include a vineyard machinery feature, and as part of these pages, we’d like to hear from growers who have designed and made unique equipment to help them carry out seasonal tasks, whether on their own or with the assistance of a local designer and/or fabricator.

Contact editor Lauren Jones on email ">l or fax (08) 8293 4666 before 4 April with your story about your machinery by answering the following:

What does the machine do?

Why prompted you to design and/or make it?

Was their local companies involved in its design/fabrication? If so, which ones and what was their involvement?

Was it built from the ground up or was it adapted from an existing piece of machinery?

When was it first put to use?

Has it met your expectations for fulfilling the task for which it was designed?

What, if any, modifications have been necessary since it was first used?

Photos illustrating your ingenuity are encouraged.

We look forward to having the chance to share your innovation with our readers!

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