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New Zealand Winegrowers launch Mandarin-language website

New Zealand Winegrowers launched a Mandarin-language website to support ongoing marketing activities in China.

Featuring information about New Zealand’s winegrowing regions and key grape varietals the website, www.nz-wine.cn, has content mirroring the flagship English-language site www.nzwine.com.

The site also includes details of upcoming events in Mainland China, links to popular Chinese social media platforms Weibo and WeChat, and offers insight to the New Zealand wine industry’s widespread commitment to sustainability.

“Creating a Chinese website has been a key part of our communications plan in the Mainland, as it extends core information about New Zealand wine to the widest possible audience” said Chris Yorke, New Zealand Winegrower’s global marketing director. “We are particularly happy to now have detailed Chinese-language content about sustainability as it illustrates product integrity, which is central to Chinese consumers’ confidence in the quality and reliability of New Zealand wine.”

Nearly half of the Mainland population, that is over 600 million, are internet users said Natalie Potts, Asia Marketing Manager for New Zealand Winegrowers. “Having an online presence in Mandarin is crucial as the internet is a key information channel for Chinese people. With approximately half of all internet users becoming involved in social media, fans of New Zealand wine can keep track of our activities via the two main social media channels in China – Weibo and WeChat – which are both built in to the website.”

The website was created as part of the joint programme between New Zealand Winegrowers and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, who are working together to promote NZ wine through a variety of activities across China. Since the signing of the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2008, New Zealand’s wine exports to China have increased dramatically — from NZ $2.1m in 2007 to NZ $24.8m in 2014.

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